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Make every visit that you purchase from the website count. If you are not already registered with PERKA

get the app today! If you are already registered please let us know.  Thanks for your loyalty. To receive

rewards credit please TEXT "OPAL" to 330.400.3300

We appreciate you! We can't say it enough. Our customers are #1!  We want to reward your loyalty.  We have created a program through PERKA/ CLOVER that will make getting your rewards simple and easy.  All you have to do is download the app on your smart phone or portable device,register and shop as usual.  


If you shop on line you will be asked if you are registered with PERKA.  You will have to text OPAL to 330.400.3300 so we can record that purchase.  

To get rewards when you shop at Opal Hue on the PLAZA,  with the downloaded app, your device will automatically prompt you & the clerk so your purchase can be recorded. It's that easy.  When you sign up,  get incentives for joining.

The rewards offer a range from newly released products and featured items to bonus dollars to spend on Opal Hue products! 

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