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the beginning...


Opal Hue, The Body Company started from humble beginnings. When a family member developed a skin condition requiring the use of strong prescription medications, the founder was inspired to find a better, natural and healthy treatment alternative.  It was this search that birthed; Opal Hue, The Body Company,  and in 2004, the first products were manufactured. For the next seven years the company launched a growing line of products in the city of Katy, Texas.  In December of 2010, the company expanded to Colorado through direct sales.  By January of 2011, sales in Colorado were growing by leaps and bounds.  This prompted the company to relocate all operations to Parker Colorado, where it became a LLC and established its headquarters, manufacturing and sales operations. Since arriving in Colorado, the company restructured and in 2012 incorporated into Opal Hue, The Body Company, Inc.  Since that time the company has completely reformulated its products, manufacturing processes, and all operations. Opal Hue now uses all natural ingredients; many imported from around the world, to produce 90-100% natural, premium hair and skincare.  The company launched its first store at the Mile High Flea Market in Commerce City, Colorado in the spring of 2011. In the fall of 2013, Opal Hue opened its second store and manufacturing facilities in Parker, Colorado.  The company expanded its national reach in 2014 by establishing and initiating web sales at  Opal Hue, The Body Company, Inc., is proud to say that it now serves customers around the nation and the world; in the United States, Canada, Europe, Spain, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Belize.  Opal Hue is continuing to expand its global reach and will introduce wholesale and bulk distribution.  The future of Opal Hue is bright. After another major restructure in 2016, we obtained a new manufacture that has facilitated our growth and future goals. We are dedicated to continue our efforts to bring customers, effective premium natural hair and skincare products.  We also will continue to educate the public about the myths of hair and skin care products, while providing a great alternative to expensive products that just don’t work.   We here at Opal Hue, The Body Company, Inc., look forward to continuing to manufacturer the best skin care in the industry, and becoming your personal skincare company. 

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