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Visit  the Environmental Working Group or the

Skin Deep website for up-to-date info on

safe cosmetics and body care products

commercial skin care products
beautiful dark skin
everyday cosmetics & body care products

To enhance beauty & care for skin. Most contain toxins that hinder the intent...

soap vs commercial body wash

Bar soap vs. body gel or chemical washes...Opt for the natural choice

Beautiful Skin

Thought: Half a gram of a toxic substance ingested daily can do as much damage as if taken in one large dose

So many choices...Most of these have petroleum, mineral oil, silicone,chemicals & parabans to extend shelf life

Your skin is your largest organ...If you pamper & maintain you will grow older gracefully

Skin deep hazard rating scale
Hair and skin layers

Components like petroleum, mineral oil, or silicone can not reach the dermis layer making products with these ingredients ineffective...

These natural components may be in Opal Hue products
Natural components and Skin deep ratings
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