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Body Oil solid- 99.99% Natural & 0.01% Cosmetic

Product advisory- (H+)
Formulated for dry dehydrated skin- delivers (Heavy+) weight moisture to critically dehydrated damaged skin.

Oil Solid moisturizer- Opal Hue oil solids  are a  heavy weight emulsion of oils that deliver maximum hydration to dry skin.

Tip: The perfect dry skin moisturizer!

Happy Hour Baja Fusion Body Oil Solid sample

  • Solid Body Oil- 99.99% Natural & 0.01% Cosmetic Ingredients-


    Proprietary blend of white shea butter, olive oil pomace, beeswax, plant extract oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, vitamins A, C & E and fragrance. Product advisory-(H) Formulated for dry skin- delivers (Heavy) weight moisture to dehydrated skin. F.Y.I.


    Solid Body Oil- A unique proprietary blend of liquid oils and soft butters that quench dry skin. Tip: Perfect for sun bathing!


    ATTN: This product is made from naturally derived ingredients, however some individuals may be allergic or sensitive to these components. Please review the product contents before use.

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